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In the context of artificial intelligence and natural language processing, a prompt is a piece of text that is used to initiate or guide the output of a language model. The prompt can be a sentence, a question, or a set of keywords that the model uses to generate a response or complete a task.

For instance, in the case of the OpenAI's GPT-3 language model, users can provide a prompt in the form of a sentence or a phrase, and the model generates a text completion based on the given prompt. For example, if the prompt is "The quick brown fox", the model might generate the completion "jumps over the lazy dog."

Prompts can also be used to guide the model towards specific outputs or goals. For instance, in the context of language translation, a prompt can be used to provide the model with information about the source and target languages, as well as any specific requirements or constraints for the translation.

Overall, prompts are a powerful tool for interacting with language models, allowing users to control and guide their outputs in a way that is more intuitive and flexible than traditional programming interfaces.

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